Video-documentary. Virtual visit. Exhibition «Universo silente»

Video-documentary. Virtual visit. Exhibition «Universo silente»

Through this video-documentary we can enjoy a virtual visit to the exhibition “Universo silente” by the artist Juan Carlos Lázaro.

The work of Juan Carlos Lazaro attracts us by its clarity, invites us to get lost in the power of contemplation. His works are composed of a bright and intense light that floods the compositions and the objects represented in them, giving them an appearance that transcends the material.

Through the video we can discover the artist’s most personal secrets and details. In it, the artist guides us through his work, taking us inside and allowing us to discover different ways of understanding the pictorial qualities of the objects. Helping us to appreciate the details in his works and making us connect in a very special way with the sensitivity with which he works his works.

Juan Carlos’ painting seems to disappear as a plastic creation. The forms of his works seem to fade away, with slight evocations reaching points of abstraction.

The documentary video was made by Jose Luis Larrión and Asier Larrión, accompanied by classical music by the composer Erik Satie.